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Charis alcohol & drug therapy unit

Registered charity number: 1154842

Referral procedure

Enquiries and referrals are usually made by the applicant himself.


If there are no issues at this stage, the next part of the procedure involves one interview usually . However, the interview procedure is not always straightforward and may require a further meeting.


The applicant should normally be alcohol and drug free on the day to undertake the interview procedure or can be in the final stages of a detoxification process. However, interviews can be arranged prior to detoxification if agreed with Charis staff.


For referral and enquiries about referral please call between 9 am & 5 pm on 020 7790 3040 or email You can also write to: Charis, 31 Mile End Road, London, E1 4TP. It is possible to leave telephone messages outside of office hours.


Alcohol / Drug Test on Admission:


Applicants need to be alcohol & drug free on admission (this includes anti-depressants, tranquilisers, sleeping tablets etc) and a full alcohol and drug test will be carried out. It is very important that the applicant is completely honest with the information he gives at this time. If necessary an admission delay can be arranged. (If results are inconsistent with the information given, the applicant will be asked to leave immediately)

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