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Registered charity number: 1154842  

Charis alcohol & drug therapy unit

Feedback from clients & others

“I had begun to see Jim as being in a bottomless pit, trapped by his past, scrabbling to climb out, only to fall back down again even more deeply, each time he gained a toehold. When I heard he’d booked into yet another residential treatment programme I foresaw more years of therapy and self-absorption.  Why couldn’t he just learn to function in the real world and move forward as an independent adult?


But as Jim worked through the programme at Charis something shifted fundamentally in him. He was no longer destroying himself and his relations with others. He started accepting other people as separate beings with their own needs and wants. He began to father our daughter. I could turn to him for help and support in bringing her up. The transformation in him has been profound—due to his hard work and the safe and loving environment created by the staff .”



Ex partner of former Charis Resident



“Before his admission to Charis, he was unkempt, lazy and lacked interest in anything other than pursuing his habit. He has now regained the sparkle and vitality he had before falling foul of drugs. The change in his physical appearance has been commented on by both friends and members of his family.


He now appears to be relaxed, at ease, in control of his emotions and spiritually happy.

We, his parents, having pursued all avenues in our attempt to persuade our son to abandon his habit, had come to the stage where we saw no future for him. We saw his life ruined and for us the future was bleak. We had reached the stage where we were seriously considering disowning him, because despite trying everything in our power to get him off drugs, we had failed. Now our relationship is that of a normal family. No more worrying every time he leaves the house and we look forward to his visits and company.


We feel that our son was so lucky to be able to be admitted to Charis because there are so many persons wishing to “come off drugs” and so few places offering the standards and facilities you offer at Charis.”

Mother and Father of former Resident



“Dear Andy and every member of staff,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your immense and immeasurable compassion, endless patience, care and devotion that you have shown me. I have not since the death of my auntie been shown this unconditional, consistent  and tremendous love.

I thank you sincerely for what you have taught me, which will  guide  me along the way to be a better person during this second stage of my life. I feel like I have been reborn every day, and I like the way I am now and I thank you that you did not give up on me earlier.

Your perseverance with me is beyond description, and it is only through that, that the Lord is restoring me to sanity daily. I wish for you all and your families God’s love & protection, best of luck, contentment and joy that life can bring. Thank you so much”

A thank you card from someone leaving Charis 



“Without Charis my former husband would now be dead. As his and my insanity grew through the debilitating disease of alcoholism, Charis became the light at the end of the tunnel in his recovery and my recovery where hope, a return to a normal lifestyle, that is one of sobriety, was the prize.

Charis provides the essentials of a new life for all addicts and their families who enter through its welcoming door, a refuge, a place of healing and somewhere where recovery can be achieved with the help of the staff’s compassion, patience, guidance, understanding, time and willingness to listen. Following the 12 step programme holds the key to a new lifestyle and the invaluable support of the staff will make life worth living again. ”


Ex-partner and former Charis Resident



“When I came into Charis I thought my life was over– in fact my old life was over. Charis taught me that there is another way to live, a far better way of living I knew nothing of. I will be forever grateful to Charis for turning my life around. With the care and skill of the staff I was able to come to terms with my past and work through things that I undoubtedly drank and used on unknowingly for years. Today I have a life thanks to Charis. ”

Former Charis Resident



“I was very scared and doubtful about committing myself to recovery, but from the day I came into Charis I have experienced great love, care and security and have loved the sense of belonging I have found here. There is a strong camaraderie amongst the addicts and alcoholics in Charis, and once I learned that I was a lot sicker than I thought I was I have found this camaraderie and understanding invaluable. My quality of life, my peace of mind, my life expectancy and my happiness increase day by day thanks to Charis. They are showing me how to live in the real world and how to make the best of what God gave me. ”

Former Charis Resident


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