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Charis alcohol & drug therapy unit

Registered charity number: 1154842  

Main Programme

Group work:

The Resident will be part of a structured programme of daily group therapy meetings (Monday to Saturday). The group work process is based sharing twice on each set objective with group members giving weekly written feedback to each other. These objectives cover addiction issues as well as attitudes and emotional issues . There are also two afternoon groups which cover different aspects of recovery practice.


Individual work:

Life story: The life story is written as fully and deeply as possible with the assistance of the Resident’s Counsellor /Keyworker and read out to the group. Stepwork: After the life story comes stepwork. This is the study and understanding of the first three of the Twelve Steps with written self  assessments. The Resident’s Keyworker/Counsellor and other staff are there  to assist and use is made of the American Hazelden literature, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous literature and other good quality recovery materials. Other issues: over time the Resident identifies and begins to work on his specific underlying emotional and practical issues.


One to One Keyworker/Counsellor

Each Resident is allocated a Keyworker/Counsellor with whom they meet weekly.


AA/NA/CA Meetings

Residents are required to attend at least one (preferably two) AA/NA/CA meeting of their choice a week. Fares are provided for this.


Staffing cover

Staffing cover is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Completion of Main Programme

When the Resident comes towards the end of the Primary Programme he will need to make a choice about continuing in residential recovery. He will be helped in this by his Keyworker/Counsellor.

The Primary Programme finishes with a leaving group letter and a certificate of completion.


Individual Service User Plan

The Individual Service User Plan is drawn up at the end of the induction and assessment period. It is monitored weekly and reviewed internally after thirteen and twenty-six weeks.

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