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Charis alcohol & drug therapy unit

Registered charity number: 1154842  


Charis aims to help those within our eligibility group who do not have funding and who are eligible for housing benefit here. The housing benefit pays for most of the board and lodging costs.

The cost of therapy (currently over £210 per week per Primary Programme Resident) is usually significantly subsidised by Charis.


Personal Expenses


Whilst on the Primary Programme the Resident receives personal expenses of £30.15 a week only. All other money (except PIP mobility component) goes towards the gross cost of his stay.




 There are no extra charges.


Sponsorship Scheme


Charis is able to offer all places on a housing benefit basis with the group recovery programme offered free to most applicants. Charis raises money specifically for this purpose. Any applicant would need to be eligible for housing benefit here. They would also need to contribute from their benefits towards their housing and support costs. They would be left with £30.15  personal expenses. The mobility component of DLA is exempt from this but fares would not be provided by us in these situations.



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