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Charis alcohol & drug therapy unit

Registered charity number: 1154842  


Charis workers have had many years working and caring for people with chronic addiction problems. Out of this experience comes the very strong belief that problems with alcohol & drugs for this client group can only be dealt with effectively using a programme based on abstinence.


We use the worldwide Twelve Step programme, which is based on abstinence, not only because it has a proven record of success but also because it respects and addresses the spiritual as well as the physical, emotional, mental and social dimensions of a person.


Very importantly, it provides an already existing national and international structure of well established, non-residential support groups (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and so on) for Residents when they leave the residential setting.


Relapse prevention is vital to continued recovery and whilst Charis can help to build a foundation for this, it cannot guarantee it in the future. At Charis we attempt to help a Resident achieve a clear ‘break & make’: as complete as possible a break with the past and the making of a new and purposeful future.


A true break with the past requires facing it and dealing with the issues that arise including those from childhood. A different and purposeful future requires a foundation based on the adoption of positive and constructive attitudes towards self, others

and society.


We believe in enabling a Resident to achieve as high a quality of life as he can in recovery. Such a process requires responding to every aspect of the person including the spiritual dimension.


As trust is the key which unlocks the feelings, one of our highest priorities is the provision of a constant, genuine and positive environment.


Another high priority is the use of therapeutic and ethical principles which not only help Residents find out the truth about themselves but also help them to minimise the effect of past destructive experiences and current negative character traits. Christian ethical principles are included here because they are considered to be among the truest and most effective guidelines available.


Charis aims to be as professional as it can in its approach to the work. Skills are drawn from the disciplinary fields of addiction recovery, counselling, social work, resettlement work and, where appropriate, Christian healing ministry, to provide as complete and comprehensive a package as possible.

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