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Registered charity number: 1154842      

Charis alcohol & drug therapy unit

Charis was set up in 1988 in response to a lack of residential treatment for alcoholics / drug addicts. Originally, it was a primary programme only for 7 men.


Because of its immediate success, plans to extend the home were put in place in 1990 and the extended Charis included a Second Stage and was opened by the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey of Clifton.


Since that time, much work has gone into the actual therapy programme and further facilities. The Charis Terrace opened on 1st July 1997 and provides 12 rehabilitation flats where the progress started in Second Stage (now 7 rooms) is continued and developed.


All developments throughout were funded by Grant Making Trusts, Foundations and other organisations.

About us

The Charis Primary Programme is situated in a modern purpose-built residential unit for men between 21 and 65 on benefits who suffer from alcoholism and / or drug addiction and who are aware of, and want to do something about, underlying emotional problems including childhood issues. It is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. There  are up to a maximum of  7 ‘regulated’ places. Charis aims to provide the programme for homeless (in the broad sense) men who cannot obtain funding and who are eligible for housing benefit here. The group work programme is provided free of charge to most applicants.


This guide will give you the information you need to see if Charis is the right place for you. Charis is not for everyone. It is one of a great variety of treatment and rehabilitation units. Different places suit different people and it is important to try and get the right one for you at the right time.


Charis is designed to help you stop your addiction, break from your old negative lifestyle and enable a good and purposeful quality of life. It does this with a programme which is based on abstinence, the Twelve Steps, group work and individual keyworking and counselling. The Primary Programme is 26 weeks long.


This is followed by further longer term residential help on the same site with the same staff. You do not need to start all over again with new staff and a new project. Individual keyworking/counselling and stepwork continue (all twelve steps can be worked through) and help is given with education, training, voluntary work and finding purpose in life.


Finding somewhere to move on to from Charis is the resident’s responsibility but Charis will help where it can. Aftercare is then provided whilst you settle into independent living and recovery.


There are a total of 26 places in Charis, including the primary programme.


Stable recovery takes time, probably more than you think.  However, it’s worth considering how long you’ve been drinking / using. Consider too, how long you have had underlying emotional problems and how difficult they are to change.


If you really want to change your life and are prepared to be open, honest and willing then read on...


Andy Bannell, Director





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