Charis alcohol & drug therapy unit


Registered charity number: 1154842                

Last updated: November 2018

Criteria for referral



  • Charis invites applications from men between 21 and 65 (exceptions may be made with the agreement of the Director) who genuinely seek abstinence-based recovery from alcoholism and / or drug addiction. They would need to be homeless or in danger of becoming homeless (in the broadest sense of the term), and receiving state benefits. Applications from BME and gay/bisexual/gender reassigned men are welcome.


  • Charis is aiming to help those who do not receive funding. Charis provides the group work programme free of charge and on a voluntary basis. The applicant must, however, be able to receive housing benefit here to cover the board and lodging charge.


  • The applicant would need to be honest, open and willing to undertake a 12 step programme and to look at the emotional issues underlying his alcoholism / drug addiction.


  • Charis would not be suitable for anyone who is not willing to look into and talk about his childhood.


  • The applicant must have (and keep) recovery as his top priority. He must be committed to change.


  • Charis would not be suitable for anyone who is completely closed to the basic spiritual dimension of himself.


  • Charis will not accept referrals from applicants on remand or due to be released from prison. Applications may be made after release from prison.


  • Charis would not be suitable for anyone who was unable or unwilling to participate in group work or to carry out the individual step-work. The Programme

         requires basic literacy skills.


  • Charis cannot accept anyone with a mental health problem.


  • Charis cannot accept anyone with an eating disorder.


  • Charis is not able to accept those who have committed sexual offences or who have a history of violent offending or arson.


  • The applicant must break with any criminal activity and the lifestyle that goes with it.


  • The applicant must be willing and able to come off all mood altering substances including anti-depressants, tranquillisers, sleeping tablets etc. and off any strong

         pain killers.

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Charis is currently full. Admission for new applicants will take many months.